Located at the Hilton Bournemouth

Located at the Hilton Bournemouth

Matt’s modern British restaurant features a lively open kitchen with décor designed to entertain, amuse and inspire conversation. This vibrant place with a tandoor and stone oven is the warm-beating heart of the Hilton Bournemouth hotel with a strong focal point and an intimate, inviting atmosphere.

Savour dishes prepared with only the freshest local produce and the very best seasonal ingredients. Matt uses bold flavours and spices to create unique, delicious and comforting dishes that showcase the feature oven's versatility.

The restaurant's interior is decked out in rich wood finishes, jewel-toned tile and comfortable luxe seating with feature lighting to encourage a lively, buzzing atmosphere. Schpoons & Forx is sure to become a key part of Bournemouth's upscale dining scene.

The restaurant is open every day from breakfast through dinner. If you’d like to know more about the restaurant please visit the website here.

Our Story - "A Peculiarity of Schpeech"

How Schpoons & Forx Began...

Bertram Bell was a proud craftsman, same as the long line of Master Cutlers who preceded him. His legacy, however, was not his tenure as the face of Sheffield’s world-beating silverware, but his peculiarity of speech. For all his eloquence as an orator, Bertram was known for prouncsching hisch esches like scho. Not ideal for a public schpeaker. The Cutlers’ Feast of 1733 was the year “schpoons and forx” was immortaliwed. Expecting the usual sniggering, Bell’s heartfelt toast to tableware barely raised an eyebrow. Being more than a little merry themselves, his fellow cutlers assumed that he was three scheets to the wind, and schlurring with the best of ‘em. Funny, how these things schtick? Inspired by the pomp and ceremony of an artisan’s banquet, Schpoons & Forx is Matt’s take on an English tradition. Drawing on the simple pleasures of a shared meal in good company, Matt invites those that want an informal dining experience in a relaxed setting to take their well-earned place at Schpoons & Forx.


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Indulge in Matt's British-inspired dishes infused with bold flavours and spices using the finest seasonal produce and freshest local ingredients.